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Got Attitude?

Got Attitude?!

Have you ever met someone who really believed so much in themselves and in their ability to handle any situation that they just had this “attitude” of “I’m the one in control”? Or what about another type of person who believes life just happens to them and they play the role of victims of their environment? What is the difference between the person who chooses to believe in their ability to create their life and the person who chooses to believe there is nothing they can do to change anything?

First the difference is a choice. Second the difference is in their focus. Attitude is a choice. You get to choose how you see yourself and the way you interact with the world. If you focus on what you do control; your choices, you would have an attitude of: “I am in control of my own success”. If you focus on what you do not control, that which is outside of your own conscious mind, like the economy, or the environment, you might have an attitude of: “Life just happens to me no matter what I do”. Oh boo hoo…

Successful people have known for years that a strong positive attitude is essential for all forms of success, whether personal or professional. Sexual attraction, relationship success, and professional success are all dependent on your attitude. If you approach an attractive person of the opposite sex with an attitude of “oh poor me” what chance of attraction is there? If you approach a professional situation, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur, with an attitude of: “oh the economy is so bad, there’s nothing anyone can do” what chance do you have of inspiring confidence in your professional abilities? The answer in both situations is almost always: very little, and most likely none.

A person with a weak attitude might refuse to take responsibility for their life, or they will play the role of the victim, (which doesn’t mean they are a victim), they usually just think they are. Sometimes they are either giving status to the other person, or they think they might get something in return, usually in the form of sympathetic attention. This is most often a combination of their point of view and their focus. Luckily both of these things are as easy to change as making a choice.

You may not be able to change your point of view as quickly but you can change your focus and your attitude. Your focus is what you are looking at, your point of view is where you are looking from. When you focus on your choices, and combine that focus with a strong positive attitude of: “now I see what I control!” and take the driver seat, you will be able to adjust your point of view at will.

A strong positive attitude starts with belief in yourself. Many of the greatest success stories are filled with people who believed in themselves, even when others did not. When you believe in yourself you are free to improve any part of yourself you want. You can become a better listener, or a better communicator, or a better lover. You will not “need” anyone else to believe in you nor will you focus on what others think.

You will also be able to see the best in other people and treat them with positivity, which will tend to create a reciprocal response. Opportunity will seem to appear where it once did not, although it may have been there the whole time, your new perspective revealed a previously unknown point of view.

If you focus your efforts on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems, you will see your perspective continue to grow, like seeing a great landscape for the first time as you drive to a high elevation. The more you focus on solutions, the more your mindset will find new possibilities in every problem. Over time you will welcome problems as opportunities for growth and even wealth.

It will become natural to be persistent because you know that with every problem you solve, and every new perspective you gain, you add to your character and every step along the way adds to your success. You will become naturally generous the more positive your attitude becomes because you see the value inside you and the natural tendency when something is abundant is to give. It is only in scarcity that people do not give, in fact if someone sees more value outside of themselves than they see within, the natural tendency is to not be generous. You must have a positive attitude, take responsibility for your own life and believe in yourself to be truly successful.

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