Secrets of Behavior Self

Behavior Self is a Treasure Map, and the Treasure is You!

Imagine what you would do if you were free to create your own destiny. What if your destiny was sum of your whole life, and the result of all the choices you ever made… and you knew it? Imagine the choices you would make! What would you choose? Happiness? Success? Freedom? All of the above? How long would you want them to last; a brief moment, or a lifetime?

What if the inner nature of your character determined exactly how people respond to you and what opportunities are presented to you? What if you could build the inner nature of your character, deliberately, by choice, knowing exactly how the pieces fit together? And what if you could fill up with confidence at will and become resistant to stress?

The Secrets of Behavior Self reveal precisely how the pieces of character and life fit together and most importantly how to identify and fill in missing pieces. It reveals a huge treasure of inner resources and you will discover exactly how to claim and use those resources to solve any problem that has a solution, and achieve success through reaching your goals.

It’s not enough to dream, study and learn… You must Become!

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About Michael
Michael Andreas is the Author and Creator of Behavior Self; a modern synthesis of wisdom, science, and everyday life, revealing the interconnectedness of our choices, our character and our destiny.
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